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Can you guarantee that a bank account will be opened?

We always put forth our best effort and previous experience in order to achieve our clients’ aims, but the final decision is made by the bank and it is dependent on the circumstances which we cannot influence or foresee. 

The Commercial Code of Estonia does not require the company to open a payment account in an Estonian bank. The new amendment that came into force at beginning of 2018 that enables the companies to pay in the share capital to a payment account in a credit institution licensed in the EEA member state, removing a mayor hurdle in establishing a fully functional company in Estonia.

In order to simplify the process of establishing a fully operating company, we are glad to provide our assistance in determining the most suitable solution for you. We will help you gather necessary documents for the corporate account opening process and submit the application to the PsP or bank which suits the best with your company’s business model.