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Do you provide accounting services or do I have to find an accounting provider by myself?

We provide accounting services and our clients usually set up accounting at the time of incorporation for the following reasons:

  • to validate with the accountant if the company's activities are in compliance with Estonian business and tax laws and to check if planned expenses can not be qualified as fringed benefits or any other kind of distributions, thus triggering additional taxation;
  • to submit VAT and/or payroll-related taxes to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on a monthly basis if the company is registered for VAT and/or is going to pay salaries;
  • to compile and file the company's annual report during a period of six months after the end of the financial year,

Our accounting fees depend on the company's activities (e.g is the company VAT-registered, how many employees does it have, does it own fixed or financial assets, etc.) and on the volume of transactions. 

In addition, we provide a full set of accounting services for crypto-companies. Please contact us in order to get a taylor-made solution for accounting services.