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How can I know which expenses are deductible and will not trigger taxation of fringe benefits?

All profits which are earned by the company are not subject to CIT. The same applies if the profits are retained at the accounts of the company or reinvested (expenses for business purposes). 

Expenses are related to the business if they have been incurred for the purposes of deriving income from a taxable business or are necessary or appropriate for maintaining or developing such a business and the relationship of the expenses with the business is
clearly justified.  

Accommodation (hotel) and transporting (flight tickets, etc.) expenses related to the management board member or the employees of the company can be considered as business-related expenses and require reporting and archiving the relevant invoices and additional documentation.  

If you order our accounting services, you can always ask instructions from the
accountant before you make any transactions or costs. She/he can indicate which
costs can be covered by the company without any tax consequences and which can