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If I plan to hire employees in Estonia, how much payroll taxes I should pay?

The general taxes related to salaries in Estonia are social tax and unemployment insurance covered by the employer and income tax and unemployment insurance covered by the employee. The following example illustrates the above: 

Gross salary: EUR 1,000 

Employer’s costs: EUR 1,338 

Net salary: apprx. EUR 821.20 (depends on the persons pension funds and tax free amounts) 

Withholding income tax (employee, 20%): EUR 162.80 

Unemployment insurance premium (employee, 1.6%): EUR 16 

Social tax (employer, 33%): EUR 330 

Unemployment insurance premium (employer, 0.8%): EUR 8 

Kindly note that from 1 January 2019, the minimum salary in Estonia for
full-time employment is EUR 540 gross