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What documents should I provide for setting up a company?

The list of documents depends on the services ordered, the corporate structure of the company and the location of the individuals who will be related to the company. As a licensed service provider, we are obliged to perform a client due diligence procedure for each person related to the company (UBOs, shareholders and members of the board). 

In general we require the following: 

  • Incorporation service form, that gives us a description of your planned business activities, needs and requirements
  • A copy of the passport of the individuals 
  • A document which proves their residential address (a utility bill, e.g. electricity invoice; please do not send us a mobile phone related invoice) 
  • A bank reference letter (in case the individuals are not residing in the EU) 
  • A certified power of attorney which is needed for transferring the control over the company to the client 

You will receive the full list of required documents and detailed instructions related to the above mentioned documents during the incorporation process.