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What is the minimum share capital of a private limited liability company?

The minimum share capital of a private limited company is EUR 2,500 and the maximum share capital is not limited. In case of incorporating a company with a share capital up to EUR 25,000 there is no need to contribute the share capital during the incorporation process. Contribution is due, when you, for example, decide to distribute dividends or change the share capital. Thus, until the complete payment of contributions by all the shareholders, the private limited company shall neither increase nor decrease the share capital and shall not make any disbursements to the shareholders. 

Until the shareholder has completely paid the contribution, he/she/it shall be liable to the company for the obligations of the company in the amount of the outstanding contribution (i.e. in case of minimum share capital, the amount is EUR 2,500), unless the obligation of the company can be performed on the account of assets of the company.